Who is Yeon-Mi Park?

Yeon-Mi Park

When Yeon-Mi Park, a North Korean defector, made her debut on the stage in October 2014 with harrowing tales of the life under the repressive regime of North Korea and her family’s escape for freedom, she left activists, audiences, and some journalists in tears.

Wearing the traditional Korean dress with its high waist and voluminous skirt, Yeon-Mi Park stood in front of tons of people at One Young World 2014 Summit that was held in Dublin. While sharing her story, there were holding her hand to mouth, long pauses, and wiping tears as she tell her story regarding being starving, brainwashed, and how Titanic has changed her view about the reality. Her realization made her also think that change is possible and love can still be felt.

Like majority of refugees, she and her family have experienced the worst. Seeing her mother being raped in front of her and burying her father without having a decent funeral are just some of what she went through. She also threatened to kill herself instead of allowing the Mongolian soldiers send her back to North Korea. Yeon-Mi Park speech ended with how she desired the world to be aware of what others of North Korea are showing and experiencing her gratitude to those who listened her story and the care they have provided her and the rest of those who tried escaping from North Korea.

Yeon-Mi Park

Although there were inconsistencies in her story, many still believe that what Yeon-Mi Park told everybody during the summit was true. In fact, every North Korean who have escaped from their country have also several stories to tell. Nevertheless, what makes Yeon-Mi Park unique is that she is brave enough to tell everybody in the world that people in North Korea require help. Now, Yeon-Mi Park is a celebrity. She is a TV host on a TV show known as “Now On My Way To Meet You”, which highlights the Kim Dynasty.

In terms of her beliefs, Yeon-Mi Park believes that there are both positive and negative for North Korea that must be reunified with South Korea. Park also have doubts that there could be a chance of reunifying the Korean Peninsula because they don’t desire for it. South Koreans discriminate the defectors as the illegal immigrants to their country. She also believes that there are northerners nor southerners in Korea. Yeon-Mi Park also presumes that there’s a possibility that a chance for reunification is possible if North Korea dissolves like the Soviet Union.

Yeon-Mi Park also believes that change might happen in North Korea if she and the other North Korean defectors would continue to advocate for human rights in North Korea. She also presumed that if the regime will adjust, it will let the leader of North Korea to concentrate on their people and be open to the world. Nevertheless, if Jangmadang will be active, tons of North Koreans would expose themselves to the real world and would question their lives.

Yeon-Mi Park and just like every North Korean consider Kim Jong-Un as a cruel leader to the North Korea’s people due to continuing abuse of his own people. She also mentioned that Kim Jung-Un is a criminal who kills 80 people in a day because of reading Bible and watching a film. Yeon-Mi Park also said that that Kim Jong-Un is a cruel young man who ordered to kill everyone who tries to escape. That’s why Yeon-Mi Park believes that he should be punished for toying his very own people.