Stopping Concussion Catastrophe with Unequal Technologies Reviews

Concussions had always been a main issue in sports. Once it happened, it becomes a serious problem in the part of the one who was affected by it. A major injury in the head can lead to more serious problem like frequent headaches, damages in the head, skull fractures or even memory loss. To stop the concussion catastrophe, a new excellent and innovative helmet was discovered by the Kevlar. The helmet can protect the brain from any hard impact that may occur when the players are in the field.

Unequal Technologies Reviews

In sports, the state-of-the-art helmet technology will be more in demand in the market, since the safety of the players are the most important and primary concern. With this improvised Kevlar helmet, the players can focus more on the game and can give their best effort to win their fight, without any worry on their safety. It will assure the safety of the players while playing their sports. Concussions will be avoided and they can play better without any serious injury and enjoy until the game was done. In the next years of the helmet technology, a lighter and easy to wear helmets will be revealed. Despite the easy and comfortable feeling of using it, the player can also guarantee themselves with a greater quality and reliable weapon against concussions. Aside from the good quality that these helmets had, it will also soon be very much affordable, that individuals will run to buy this in the market.

Unequal technologies are the most trusted products when it comes to the prevention of concussions. Unequal’s helmets are highly recommended to reduce the risk of concussions. The company provides helmets with ultra-thin, flexible, and comfortable features. These features are very helpful to prevent such accidents. The players can now more focus to their game goals and give their best performance levels without worries about physical injuries. Athletes can be well assured that wearing the Unequal helmet products will surely secure their safety. The products are highly dependable and can avoid frequent head injuries. With the help of modernized technology, it is possible that the Unequal products including the Kevlar helmets will be one of the leading providers in the industry next to none.

Unequal Technologies is the primary player in the market of helmet technology. Its products are best distinguished as a ‘Concussion Reduction Technology’ or ‘CRT.’ Its materials include a bullet-proof Kevlar which is aimed to stick on the helmet as a liner to the existing helmet pads. Some customers trust Unequal’s products and made an effort to raised money to buy one. They feel that it will really provide them a great quality of safety and protection.

Unequal Technologies Reviews

To prove that Unequal Technologies have reliable products, some players claimed themselves as one of the fans of the said company. To mention a few, NFL players and X-games athletes are some of them. Harrison, one of the NFL players stated that the helmet of the Unequal Technologies really works and he does not feel like he is taking a risk. The product testing of the Unequal Technologies was conducted at the Southern Impact Research Center, one of the country’s prominent testing laboratories for sports equipment, located in Rockford, Tenn. The lab technical director Dave Halstead said that Unequal strips can lessen the risk of direct and linear impact from some angles. It can also aid to reduce the possibility of head injury.

In the movie Concussion, the famous actor Will Smith played the role of Dr. Bennet Omalu. Will Smith promotes Unequal Technologies as a headgear company whose technology has become a pillar in NFL and NHL helmets. He added that Unequal Technologies had pass through ASTM, a global safety standards organization.

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