Net10 Review: Wireless Service

Net10 Reviews One of the best and easiest ways to save money and reduce your monthly bill is through the use of prepaid phone services. With so many prepaid carriers nowadays, you’ll definitely find someone that is will fit your budget and needs. And just lately, many people are talking about this newest prepaid phone service that comes with an affordable price and excellent prepaid plans– none other than Net10 wireless.

Net10 Wireless is one of today’s hottest trend for many customers since it provides no activation fee, no long-term contract and no credit check. It also offers 3 different prepaid plans which includes, a pay-as-you-go plan, a 30-day prepaid plan and the family plan- all comes with an affordable price. In fact, they are one of the best prepaid phone service in US that offers the most affordable prepaid plan that you can ever found today.

Their family prepaid plan rate cost $90 (good for 2 person) and $170 for 4 people. Net10 monthly plans start at $15 that is good for 200 minutes (per month) while the price for their unlimited plan cost $65 which already includes text messaging, talk, data & international calls. And their pay-as-you-go option provide customers with an option to pay an amount of $20 (for 200 minutes) or up to $100 for 1500 minutes as the highest option.

Not only that, because Net10 Wireless also offers various and first-rate android phones that can range from the basic ‘flip phones’ (costing $30) to the latest LG ‘Optimus Black’ (cost $330). Net10 also allows you to bring any unlocked GSM (Global System for Mobile) phone and any type of T-Mobile phone that can be activated when you purchased a Net10 SIM card.

Many customers who reviewed the cell service praised Net10 Wireless and said that it is an ideal option for those people that are seeking for a budget-friendly yet steadfast prepaid phone service. Many reviews also states that Net10 provides an excellent coverage in areas and other long-distance places without any extra roaming charges, making it more ideal for daily or far-away travel.

What Many Customers Says about Net10?

Net10 ReviewsMost Net10 Reviews Wireless customers said that they are pleased with the service and product that the company is providing them, they also added that it is simple and easy to use aside from being cheap. According to Net10 website, the cell service uses the country’s top 4 carriers for them to ensure the efficacy and the coverage of their service- which in return doesn’t fail the expectation of their many customers. Net10 also allows users to provide/use their own phones regardless of the difference in their prepaid service. Compared to other carriers, it is readily available at wider range retail store. Net10 is also providing FREE SIM card to their customers who wanted to switch to T-Mobile SIM, thus adding up to its convenience and functionality.

With several great plans to choose from, many customers are getting eager to avail the prepaid service. One thing that really makes them hooked with the service is because of the affordability of the plan. Whether they are far away from their family and loved ones, they can still keep in touch with them because of the awesome coverage that the cell service provide. According their many customers, Net10 gives them an opportunity to communicate with the people they value most in a very economical way- one reason why they love the services that Net10 provide.

Having Net10 Wireless as your prepaid cell service is an excellent decision that you can ever make for yourself. More than their first-rate service they provide, they are also constantly making sure that you will get the best out of their service.