Neil Dhillon: A Competent Man

Neil DhillonJust like other government officials, Neil Dhillon had proven a lot about himself. He completed several procedures before reaching his current success. He can be considered as a fortunate man because of his previous connections with political figures.

Neil’s passion for public affairs began when he chose his course (Political Science) in college. He finished his studies at The American University, having an excellent performance on academics. He was described as a very diligent student by his professors. During his college education, he gives an attention on the public policy that influences Americans on a daily basis. With his background knowledge on history, he has a big appreciation on the contributions of the past to the recent times. He acquired an understanding on the operations of the government and its effects on the citizens. As a result, he became aware of the possible solutions for improving the lives of Americans. With the help of careful and responsible management, it is greatly possible to make the nation progressive.

On his earl careers, Neil was the staff of Cong. Matsui. He impressed the congressman because of his talents and abilities. As part of the committee, he was expected to protect the retirement sources of the elderly. Good thing, he was able to meet the standards of people. After his position as a mere staff, he advanced to becoming the Chief of Staff. For 5 years, he performed very well.

Neil DhillonPresident Clinton met Neil Dhillon through Cong. Bob Matsui. Due to Neil’s excellence as a staff, he was requested to be part of the White House. He was appointed as the deputy Assistant Secretary. Under Pres. Clinton’s administration, Neil played a very important role. He was a legislative counsel who gave very essential recommendations for the improvement of policies. Through Neil’s efficiency as a public servant, he was called as top Asian Appointee. The reward was happily announced when there was an essential ceremony at the White House. Everyone applauded and congratulated Neil for acquiring such award.

Dhillon also ventured into the private sector and became part of different departments such as Dept. of Transportation, energy, defense, and others. His first career on the private sector was as a Director (media and public affairs), serving the American Academy of Actuaries. With his numerous experiences, there is no doubt that he is perfect on the position. More agencies were satisfied on how he gave his time and efforts in order to keep everything in the right place. He is indeed a competent man.