Leodis Matthews: Law Career

Leodis MatthewsLeodis Matthews is an attorney. He worked at different courts in California and USA. He is a legal counsel who graduated from Lewis and Clark College. Here is where he begins his expertise in law related concerns. He’s been able to work globally and at present he is working at the Dacheng Law firm as a senior consultant. Their office provides a good quality of legal service to clients who have special needs in legal matters because they are a group of people who have a specialization on international law efficient knowledge. The main reasons why he achieved all his accomplishments are because of his hard work, persistence and willingness to help other people especially with their legal concerns.

Dacheng law offices focuses in regulatory and Agency Representatives, foreign direct investments, and representative of inbound of entities and company from China and Asian Countries, joint ventures, and to development of real property. Starting 2004, he managed the Matthews APC. This practice continued emphasized to the cross boarder on the international transactions and litigation as a senior specialist of counsel and with the international Dcheng Law offices. Prior to his current job he is first a trial attorney in the US department of justice, on the civil division. An assistant US attorney to the United States office of attorney in California. He also became the special l trial attorney in the Organized Crime Strike Force in the Criminal Division, A senior attorney in the US House of Representatives and a Deputy District Attorney in the Multnomah County.

Leodis MatthewsMathews and his partners founded the international firm Matthews, Wilson and Hunter having an offices at Los Angeles Frankfurt, California and Germany. Through his term, he focuses on administrative, labor and corporate law an also to the national litigation and commercial transactions.

Mr. Matthews remained over 20 years in Los Angeles and continued in the private practice. As he practice his profession in Los Angeles he has become the head of the Matthews and Partners. He devotedly and morally with his group for12 years. In 2004, he ran the Leodis C. Matthews, APC and obtained the role of being the senior consultant in the Dacheng Law Office.

His expertise, skills and knowledge are just a few of his characteristics why he is well known to his profession and why he is one of the best in his field. His love for his work is a big factor why he is successful in his law career.