Experiences and Education of Neil Dhillon

Neil DhillonNeil Dhillon is a man equipped with both skills and knowledge. He wanted to be aware of everything, which is why he invested in education. He never wasted time on some unimportant matters. Furthermore, he value self-discipline in nearly all different ways, as he is maintaining positive behavior. During his studies, he is applying patience to understand concepts. Comprehension is very essential for him so he is focusing on every detail. When the whole content has been absorbed, there is a much greater way for an effective learning.


Neil Dhillon studied in Fort Hill High School for his secondary education, and then continued his tertiary education at The American University, completing a degree in Political Sciences. Other than politics, his other interests include software, word history, IT services, and environment and energy.


Neil DhillonHe has become the Senior Vice President of the Hill and Knowlton International Public Relations. He is managing big staffs there. He was able to learn about the significance of management and leadership. His usual clients consists Novartis, Internet eBay, Republic of Botswana, Tennessee Valley Authority, Hewlett-Packard, Johnson & Johnson, British Midway Airways, and some other huge companies. Other than that, he became a senior aide where he is helping President Clinton on some dealings on the government, and he became the chief of staff of Robert Matsui. Furthermore, he has become Global Public Affairs. With his thirty years of experience with relation to public policy and communications, Neil Dhillon has the capabilities to hold his career.

When he became the director of Media and Public Affairs, he worked for the American Academy of Actuaries in which there are more than 18,000 members involved. He served there for 3 years and consequently, he built strong connections with other workers. There is so many experiences that he already has including being the deputy assistant secretary of the government affairs in the United States Department of Transportation. This position has been held for one year. In the department, he was a legislative counsel reporting to the Transportation Secretary, Federico Pena. Then he became the director of Public Affairs in Financial Dynamics, as well as the Top Asian American appointee wherein the award has been given to him in a ceremony held at the White House and President Clinton is very proud of Neil Dhillon. Regardless of the countless of positions he has managed, he remains humble. He is not bragging anything, instead, shares what he can share.