Charles Betta: Effective Leadership Lies on A Person’s Traits?

A good president of a business has the ability to keep employees satisfied and motivated, drive sales and foster creativity and motivation. On the contrary, a lacking president who is not capable to do his duties and responsibilities within the company can easily hamper the progress of the business. Being the leader of the leading merchant company in the market today, Charles Betta was able to lead a company who can compete with the other leading business today.

Every leader has developed their goal before they build their own organization; the same with Charles Betta, his goal for the company is to enable other people to benefit from it even in the simplest ways. Together with Geoffrey Horn, he and Charles make it a priority to know all the challenges that might arise regarding their business and to provide ideal solutions right away. The main purpose of the company is to help other people lend a certain amount of cash without the need of submitting and filling out lots of paper works. Through so much commitment in work, Charles and Geoffrey was able to build a company which is recognized as one of the top merchant cash advance as well as payment processing company in the country. Having said that, there’s no doubt why these two made it to the top of business leaders today.

If we will talk about Charles Betta alone, he was the kind of person who is always fully involved. He wanted to play the role a normal worker who do his best shot just to prove the company is working well. What is more than having a company leader who is eager to get his own hands dirty even if the whole world is telling him not to do it. Talking and meeting with the employees on every level help him know the company in order to make a more informed decisions at all times.

The best thing about this person is that he took care of his employee very seriously. He believes that employee of the company is one of the greatest assets he had and a company president who makes sure that workers and staff are encouraged, rewarded and challenged is more likely to increase employee retention and loyalty as well. Some of the important keys he does is by making sure he provide a reward system, recognize contributions even if it is as little as a mouse and providing training and programs that can further enhance their work as an employee. Thus, for Charles Betta, it is always a concern to stay focused, organized and be extremely fair at all times.

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