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Tom Carnevale: Sentry360 and Verint Team-up

Tom Carnevale Sentry360 has announced its partnership with Verint. Its main purpose is to combine their cameras with the Verint VMS (Video Management Software). Verint is the leader when it comes to providing Actionable Intelligence Solutions. The services help organizations in handling 3 important challenges: Security Intelligence, Customer Engagement Optimization and Fraud, Risk and Compliance. They provide Security intelligence solutions to prevent, detect, analyze and investigate crimes and threats. Their Customer Optimization solutions help organizations in handling customer matters, improve business processes in order to reduce the risk and increase revenue. Their Fraud, Risk and Compliance solutions help in preventing cases like fraud, loss and other crimes as well. It also ensures and checks people’s compliance with regulations and rules.

Verint’s Enterprise Video Management software offers video security options. It helps you manage all the videos and data you captured. It is as very essential software that enables the security staff to detect, act and investigate various security threats and violations in the area quickly. The videos and data are available anytime. The Enterprise VMS enables an organization to record the video or view live the situations in order for them to arrive to the right decisions regarding security matters anytime and anywhere. With the use of the software, you can monitor real time the situation in an area so that you can be aware of all the situations happening there. You can quickly distribute those videos to any monitoring stations out there. The system is also customizable and has a flexible user interface in which they can choose up to 4 screens and 265-tile display for better viewing. The video can be exported to national agencies in case of investigations required.

Tom CarnevaleIt’s a great thing that Verint, a widely known company because of its innovation and excellent security solutions used in variety of applications has finally teamed up with one of the best companies in that manufactures HD, Ultra HD, 360 degree cameras and other products that are used in various security systems. Sentry360 with its CEO Tom Carnevale combined with Verint is surely an excellent idea. Combining the 2 leading companies in the field surely is remarkable. With their combined effort, they provided a different insight to an end user’s capability to capture incidents that occurs. Tom Carnevale together with his company member’s effort has remarkably changed the quality of our surveillance systems and the security of our lives. With their knowledge and expertise in the field, they can do anything.

It has been a great opportunity for both company, especially for Verint, because Tom Carnevale has been one of the popular names in the security system and video surveillance industry in the modern days. Moreover, he belongs to one of the most successful executive leaders these days in the field. Many people have recognized him due to his expertise and great experience in the industry, which has been the great triumph of both company. He did not became the Chairman and CEO of his company, Sentry360 Security, which specializes in software management systems and high resolution surveillances just for luck or anything else. Tom Carnevale has been in the telecommunications industry in which he attained much better insights, and he developed new knowledge and skills that he has used to build his first entrepreneurial startup, the JCS Digital Security. He is proficient when it comes to designing and engineering security systems, as well as the IP video convergence, sales management, corporate identity, development of product, infrastructure evaluation, and road maps development of the company’s security system products. Tom Carnevale and his company, Sentry360 Security, and the Verint teamed up to develop and provide more advanced security system for the needs of any businesses, commercial establishments, and personal uses.